Gauthier for U.S. Senate 2014

First off, to those individuals that took the time to read my campaign site, do their own research and believed as I do......that the cancer that infects OUR government is the one hundred sixty year old party system(s) and the lobby's they sleep with.......we can relish in the knowledge that we "get it"! To those folks, I thank you for bestowing on me the greatest gift that one citizen can give another, and that is your sacred vote!

To the individuals that didn't vote for me, but didn't stagger into the poling booth drooling and mumbling......"brains, I must Eat brains", and voted for one of the other Independent candidates, I thank you also for choosing to try to drag OUR country back from the abyss. I would also like to thank the other Independents........ Tom, Martin, Danny, Joe, et all are fine, honorable men. And even though I may not agree entirely with ya'lls ideas.....I damn sure respect your conviction!

And finally to the Repub/Demo zombie voters that just walked into the booth like Pavlov's slobbering dog and pressed the button for the guy with the big "R" or "D" in front of his name because that's what you've been conditioned to do....."The very definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and then expect a different result" - Albert Einstein.  We all have you folks to thank for the situation we are in, and the troubles that are coming.

 Epilogue: Ed's Final Thoughts

This website will be terminated on December 7th. The email address however will remain operational indefinitely ( or until folks stop wanting to talk to me ). The direct email address is

Best Wishes!!

Ed Gauthier, simple citizen

Dover, Tennessee