Gauthier for U.S. Senate 2014

“Freedom is the opportunity to be what we never thought we could be.” Daniel J. Boorstin
I know you are asking yourself who this Gauthier person is that wants to be my senator. Well…… is my life history in a nut shell. My given name is Edmund Louis Gauthier. As far as I know, I am of French descent on my father’s side and German on my mothers (therefore I don't know whether to surrender or fight :). I am divorced with no children.  I’m 47 years old and was born in Texas. When I was three, my family moved to the bay area of California because of my father’s work (he was a magnificent mechanic). When I was twelve, we moved to a small farming community in south central Illinois where my mother was originally from. When I graduated high school, I immediately joined the U.S. Army and after my service, I attended college using my GI Bill and graduated from Southern Illinois University with an engineering degree. I start working in construction management for a company out of Chicago, and in 1993 I volunteered for a project they had at a power plant in Cumberland City, Tennessee. I have called Dover, Tennessee home ever since. I may be Texan by the grace of the almighty…….but I am a proud Tennessean by choice! 
"A man with money is no match against a man on a mission." Doyle Brunson

If you visit any other candidates website (pick a party, pick a doesn't matter), the very first thing you will probably notice is either a pop-up or a big banner soliciting money......right off the bat. What you may not notice with me is that I am not asking for any donations. As a matter of fact, I will not take any. I don't need or want your money. What I need from you is to believe me when I tell you that I truely want to serve the PEOPLE of Tennessee. Not a political party, not a corporation, not a big money contributor. I need your vote......I need you to tell your friends and family about me......I need you to give me the opportunity to try to start fixing this mess in D.C.. I am not a politician....I am not a millionaire....I am a veteran.....a tax ordinary working Tennessean.

In tribute to my father, Edmund Louis Gauthier.....a merchant marine, a U.S. Army soldier, a faithful husband, a mechanical genius, a  gracious father.....especially when he didn't have to be but chose to be, and grandfather....again, even when it was by choice. The most honorable, brutally honest human-being I have ever known. And you were right Pop.....someone needs to do something about this before it gets out of hand. Suppose I am as good a choice as anyone. Look down upon me Pop and give me the guidance to do what is wise and right.